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Tron Smart Contract

Twin Turbo TRX offers a 100% decentralized and transparent system deployed on the TRON Blockchain. Transactions are direct between member and member wallet. No 3rd parties are involved. After a one-time fee and no monthly renewal, you can earn TRON for the rest of your life!

Extra Income Source

You get access to unique resellable products, including eBooks, videos, courses, images and more for you to use, promote and resell. You will find these in your back office from the minute you first log in. In addition, new products are added every month to your back office.

Compensation Plan

Position 1 & 2 each earn you $20 worth of Tron direct to your wallet. That means you earned your signup fee earned back already!

Position 3 cycles you and the smart contract creates a brand new position for you in the matrix. This is a true “follow me” system.

Your first and second position earn you $20 worth of Tron again and the system repeats indefinitely.

Earn extra cycle bonuses: from Mach 1 (50 cycles) to Mach 16 (250k cycles) earn you a $250 to $1.25M bonus!

Twin Turbo TRX: earn Tron every day

How does Twin Turbo work?

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