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Welcome to Geomining

COIN app is a mobile app enabling over tens of thousands of users per day to earn “COIN” for validating geospatial location data when traveling, commuting, jogging or moving about the real world. 

Once you have collected your in-app “COIN”, you can redeem it for physical merchandise, or you can redeem as a tradeable digital asset, aka crypto currencies.

Why COIN app ?

Tons of apps and products collect location data, but almost none of them give you rewards in exchange for your data. Stop earning nothing for your valuable data. Use COIN and earn what you deserve.

What can I earn?

You can redeem the COIN you earn for physical or digital items. This ranges from Bluetooth speakers, to digital currencies you can sell on exchanges. It’s your COIN, you decide.

Where does it work?

Earn COIN wherever you have GPS, Wifi, or Data connection. COIN App doesn’t use much cell data, so you can still binge Netflix or crush some candy without capping your monthly data limit.

Maximize rewards

You can upgrade from the Basic plan (free) to the Plus plan ($24.95/month) or Pro plan ($34.95/month).

You can also buy a SentinelX Device, which allows you to earn additional rewards on your mines.

SentinelX BLE

A sleek Bluetooth device with a replaceable battery. With up to a 150ft range, the SentinelX BLE offers hands-free, constant COIN rewards boost, and a perfect keychain-ready design.

SentinelX NFC

A slim Near-field Communications card that can be tapped for a temporary COIN rewards boost. No battery required, waterproof, and perfect for a handy wallet device.

COIN App: Your Data Is Valuable. Start Earning for It.

How does COIN app work?

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